Nicole (nicole9514) wrote in seeker_vids,

Cara/Kahlan - Love, Hate, Heartbreak

Title: Love - Hate - Heartbreak
Artist: Haelstorm
Vidder: nicole9514
Character/s: Cara POV - Cara/Kahlan
Fandom: Legend of the Seeker
Vidders notes: This is my very first femslash vid - I recently re-watched LOTS, and felt inspired. There is one glitch/frame rate issue with the rendering at the beginning, WMM refused to cooperate no matter how many times I saved it. Sorry about that.
Warnings: Femslash - if it's not your thing, don't watch it.
Summary: "I see my demise from behind your eyes. I can't pass you by. It's a love - hate, heartbreak."

watch it at my graphic's journal

I'd appreciate if you could leave any feedback on my journal, instead of all the comm's I've crossposted too, thankies :)
Tags: character: cara, character: kahlan, genre: shipper

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