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Seeker Vids

The bestest vids in all three territories.

Legend of the Seeker Music Videos
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The best place for your Seeker fanvid needs.
Hello and welcome to seeker_vids, here for all of your Legend of the Seeker fanvid needs. This is the place to post your own Legend of the Seeker fanvids, or, to rec an amazing Legend of the Seeker vid you've seen which you want to share with everyone else.

Da Rules:

1) All large graphics (ANYTHING WIDER THAN 450 PIXELS) and/or lengthy vid summaries/explanations must go under an lj-cut.

Embedded videos should also be placed under an lj-cut.

Vidders who forget to do this will be reminded by a mod then have a limited amount of time (about a day) before the post is deleted. You can repost at any time, of course, as long as you remember to use lj-cuts when necessary.

2) Follow this basic template for your posts:

Vid Title
Song and Artist:
Warnings (including spoilers):

There are not hard and fast rules for this, but posts which do not include spoiler warnings for recently aired episodes will be deleted. Again, you can repost, given you include spoiler warnings.

3) Rec posts only require a link to where the vid can be streamed or downloaded and comments left with the vidder and spoiler warnings.

4) You can post crossover and multifandom vids, so long as they contain at least one Seeker clip. (Yes. Only one! We're pretty easy.)

5) Tag all your entries with the appropriate tags! We want to keep the People's Palace clean and tidy! :D

6) Lord Rahl's Devotional at 8 am and 8 pm daily. Wear your nice shoes.

7) Play nice. Refrain from wankery or rudeness. Racist, sexist, and homophobic comments/content are unacceptable, obviously.

Basically enjoy each other's company and Seeker!squee. Anyone violating this basic rule will be removed pending mod review. We don't actually expect any problems, but just FYI.

8) Clip theft will not be tolerated. If anyone in the comm is found to be a clip thief, they will be removed and blocked from returning. (This is a sub-clause of play nice!)

9) Fabulous hair at all times and ample cleavage will not go amiss. This means you too, gentlemen.

10) Most of all: HAVE FUN. OODLES AND OODLES OF IT. And tell your friends about this comm. Pimp us out, yo.

Mod Squad:

hollywoodgrrl, mresundance, and ladymajavader. Questions or concerns should be left in comment form at this post.

Current Affliates:


Drop us a line and we'll be happy to get you in bed with us. ;)

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